Serendib College International School combines Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School into one harmonious whole. It takes children from the playgroup age of 2 ½ and sees them right through their school life until they reach the University Entrance classes. From the start they are prepared, academically, to enter the University of their choice anywhere in the world.
It is the aim of Serendib College to provide students with a sound moral basis, a well educated mind with a solid academic foundation and, very importantly, to develop a balanced well rounded person. Academic learning must go hand in hand with character development and to this end we train our pupils at Serendib College. Serendib College aims at producing the ‘Total Personality’. These are days of specialization but before our pupils begin to do this the school makes every attempt to give them a well-rounded and perfectly balanced education. This all-round education is available to any child who wants to make use of the excellent opportunities to study in this school.