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Primary School

Subjects are now eared into English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer, Elocution, Art, Singing and Dancing etc which are all meant to make them more rounded in their aptitudes. Class assemblies which are conducted once a month by each class gives the opportunity to pull out latent talents in the children in Music, Song, Dance and Drama. Being on stage also gives a kick to their personality development and build up of confidence.

Senior School

The Students of Grade 9 have the option of choosing Science, Arts or Commerce streams. The Principal meets every child individually, along with his or her parents and gives the guidance that is needed to help the child to pick the subjects for the Cambridge O/Level Examination.

Extra Curricular Activities

Serendib College has a wide range of extra-curricular activities and students are encouraged to actively participate in the entire spectrum of Clubs and Committees available to them. Activities are not only enjoyable; they also broaden a student’s range of interests, networking opportunities and enriching their education. Most of these activities are organised by students and give both current and new students the opportunity to integrate into the Serendib Collegecommunity.

Facilities and Services

The Senior School has three purpose built laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All practical classes for students who are following these subjects are conducted in these Laboratories.

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